Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Constitarian Tax Plan

Income Tax Plan

Individuals (not corporations) who have a documented profit margin of 50% or less; pay a 10% tax rate.  Those who have over 50% profit margin must pay 20% tax rate.

Business upgrades are also fully tax deductible for individuals, not corporations.

For example a sole proprietor with $100,000 income last year and $50,000 worth of expenses (Netting $50,000 profit) would pay $10,000 worth of taxes.  Now if they invested in a new machine for $10,000 then they would pay no taxes for that year.

Corporations (Or any organization wherein individuals have less than full liability) must pay 20% tax rate off the top and employees of those entities must also pay individual taxes.

Individuals can also receive a full tax deduction for the fair market value they provide in the following:

Maintaining or providing public utilities.

charitable giving. (If to a less fortunate individual then take a picture of you giving to them or include their name and last 3 digits of their social security number.)

holding public office.

Serving in the national guard or as a sheriff's deputy.

Serving in jury duty.


Ideally like the constitution directs we would have no income tax and get the majority of money from charging tariffs for other countries to sell us goods.  But it is always a matter of baby steps to get us closer to where we should be.

This tax plan gives simple and achievable steps to be a good citizen and thus be exempted from having to pay taxes.  

Corporations are detrimental to our society and were illegal except under special circumstances in the constitution.  Unfortunately outlawing them directly didn't seem to work for very long so this tax plan heavily penalizes them by basically taxing them twice, once for the liability reducing organization then again taxing each individual that works there.  Also this tax plan incentivizes not only sole proprietors and partnerships by giving them a lower tax rate fir incurring business expenses, but also incentivizes individuals (whether employees or sole proprietors or partners) to invest in owning upgrades that improve the way they do business. This will not only improve small businesses in america, but also encourage employees to buy the equipment that would eventually allow them to leave the corporation and become a sole proprietor or partner.  Corporations become a system of training people to eventually work for themselves in this system, not for people to become dependent on corporations for their entire working life.