Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Constitarian Tax Plan

Income Tax Plan

Individuals (not corporations) who have a documented profit margin of 50% or less; pay a 10% tax rate.  Those who have over 50% profit margin must pay 20% tax rate.

Business upgrades are also fully tax deductible for individuals, not corporations.

For example a sole proprietor with $100,000 income last year and $50,000 worth of expenses (Netting $50,000 profit) would pay $10,000 worth of taxes.  Now if they invested in a new machine for $10,000 then they would pay no taxes for that year.

Corporations (Or any organization wherein individuals have less than full liability) must pay 20% tax rate off the top and employees of those entities must also pay individual taxes.

Individuals can also receive a full tax deduction for the fair market value they provide in the following:

Maintaining or providing public utilities.

charitable giving. (If to a less fortunate individual then take a picture of you giving to them or include their name and last 3 digits of their social security number.)

holding public office.

Serving in the national guard or as a sheriff's deputy.

Serving in jury duty.


Ideally like the constitution directs we would have no income tax and get the majority of money from charging tariffs for other countries to sell us goods.  But it is always a matter of baby steps to get us closer to where we should be.

This tax plan gives simple and achievable steps to be a good citizen and thus be exempted from having to pay taxes.  

Corporations are detrimental to our society and were illegal except under special circumstances in the constitution.  Unfortunately outlawing them directly didn't seem to work for very long so this tax plan heavily penalizes them by basically taxing them twice, once for the liability reducing organization then again taxing each individual that works there.  Also this tax plan incentivizes not only sole proprietors and partnerships by giving them a lower tax rate fir incurring business expenses, but also incentivizes individuals (whether employees or sole proprietors or partners) to invest in owning upgrades that improve the way they do business. This will not only improve small businesses in america, but also encourage employees to buy the equipment that would eventually allow them to leave the corporation and become a sole proprietor or partner.  Corporations become a system of training people to eventually work for themselves in this system, not for people to become dependent on corporations for their entire working life.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Basic beliefs of a Constitarian

The essence of the Constitarian political philosophy is that the founding fathers who drafted the constitution were inspired geniuses.  They each had good ideas and bad ideas but in essence they got the constitution and declaration of independence pretty much dead on.  Constitarians believe that the constitution and declaration are not antiquated and outdated, but rather virtually all the problems in society today are because we have deviated so far from the words and intent of these two documents.

Constitarian is not a political party.  George Washington forsaw the dangers of parties and believed strongly that they should not exist.  As we have seen in the current political climate (2016 election) that parties themselves are corrupt and they subvert the will of the people in order to maintain power.  This is a prime example how the founding fathers intent and even the documents they produced are just as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago.

One of the most relevant beliefs in the constitarian philosophy is that corporations are illegal, like they originally were in the constitution.  The reason for this is the same reason for the right to Property as will be explained below.  In partnerships and sole proprietorships everyone owns a part of the buisness.  In a corporation only the owners have a part in the buisness and the owners are likely not even the ones running the company in the day to day operations.  Constitarians believe in the right to ownership for what you work on and create.  While constitarians strongly believe in liberty and freedom; that liberty and freedom does not let you set up socialist ministates.  These socialist ministates, also known as corporations, subvert the freedom and liberty of the people that are granted by their Creator (we also believe that rights are NOT given by the government or constitution but rather by a higher entity which means they cannot be revoked or signed away in EULA's or contracts).  In the place of corporations will be the constitutional entities of sole proprietorship and partnerships.  Business run in this way will not create the wealth inequality that the socialist ministates inherently create.  What we have in the US today is not capitalism but rather fascism, government ruled by corporations (socialist entities).  Capitalism has to be protected by outlawing non sole-proprietorships and non partnerships.  This is the only way that true capitalism can function for every member of society not just the trillionare elite.

Another incredibly relevant belief for constitarians is that our founding fathers actually got something wrong likely because of pressure from moneyed interests (slave owners); that we do not uphold the bastardized version of John Locke's tenents "Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness", but rather the correct version: Life, Liberty, and Property.  The basic human right to property is absolutely essential to liberty.  Without the guaranteed right to property we become renters for our whole lives.  To rent a place to live from someone makes you not free but subject to the landowners rules.  This is not liberty.  Constitarians believe that every adult is entitled to claim 40 acres of land; enough land to become self sufficient, maintain privacy, and raise a family.  We also believe that overpopulation only occurs where great concentrations of people live in unnaturally close proximity.  By outlawing corporations, cities will be a thing of the past.  Smaller groups will exist like small town centers where people congregate to work in partnerships with each-other.

Another incredibly relevant belief of constitarians is that the government is not allowed to have agencies like the CIA and NSA.  The constitution says that the powers not specifically granted to the government are reserved for the states themselves or the people themselves.  The powers specifically granted are:

1.collect taxes and pay debts
2. to coin money
3. to regulate commerce
4. to establish immigration laws
5. to establish weights and measures
6. to establish post offices and roads
7. to raise armies and navies
8. to declare wars
9. to provide patents and copyrights
10. to make rules for captures, criminals and bankruptcies
11. to operate the District of Colombia

and nothing else.  Not collecting intelligence, orchestrating regime change, providing identification numbers, welfare, healthcare, insurance mandates, bailouts, etc.

Also another belief is that the Police are unconstitutional.  The constitution sets up an elected sheriff and deputies as the rule of law.  Police were invented to subvert the rule of the people by setting up a force that does not answer to the people.

As you can see many if not ALL of the big problems in our society today could be solved by a simple return to the constitution; that old and decaying document that is infinitely more relevant today than what the government is currently.